Featured Wine

With more than 500 different wines to choose from, finding the perfect wine is easy whether you’re looking for an everyday table wine or a special occasion gift. Our focus at The Wine Rack is to make sure that the wines that we carry are worth the price. We do this by tasting literally thousands of wines each year and choosing the ones that stand out for their quality. You can be secure that the wines that we sell carry our own personal seal of approval!

Our Wine Selection

We are constantly adding new wines to choose from, and we will special order any wine you can’t find (as long as it’s available in Massachusetts).

Our Value Wine selections have been growing too. Wines under $10 can often be a gamble, but here again we make sure that even our less expensive wine is smooth and drinkable.

And check out our selection of dessert wines. We carry traditonal ice wines, Sauternes, and several unique wines like the chocolate amore and a fortified tannat from Uruguay that is to die for. We also carry some hard to find Italian late harvest wines that are fantastic. Dessert wines are often overlooked in this country, but they are wonderful, and add a special element to Holiday meals.

We also have recently expanded our Port, Sherry and Maderia section, if your taste runs to fortified wines for an after dinner drink.

We now have a nice selection of half bottles for you to choose from. Half bottles are great for trying something new, or those evenings when you only want one glass of wine.

Special Wines

At The Wine Rack, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of wine in town. When wine professionals come into the store, they always comment on what a nice selection we have. We deal with small distibutors who offer quality wine at direct import prices. With a focus on small wineries with superior products, we can offer you great wines at great prices.