Meeker Handprint Merlot ’04, Sonoma and dinner with friends

I will be having our friends Tom and Hillarie (who are opera singers extraordinaire) over for a simple yet always tasty meal of roast chicken (free-range, humane certified Murray’s) with roast vegetables and potatoes.  Such a perfect one pan meal.  I use a Joy of Cooking recipe that adds some garlic and rosemary under the skin as the bird roasts, and I add the same to the potatoes.  I usually like a California Chardonnay with this meal, but I have a 1.5 liter (or Magnum) bottle of Meeker ’04 Handprint Merlot that I wanted to try, so I think this would be a perfect occasion.  The Meeker is a lush yet soft Merlot that will not overwhelm the delicate flavors of the chicken, and will complement the roast brussel sprouts and carrots as well as the potatoes.  If you are unfamiliar with the Handprint, each bottle is unique, personally hand-printed by the wine makers with colorful paint.  They have a big BBQ party every year to accomplish this, and then the bottles sit upright to dry.  It’s quite a sight.  The photo shows a few bottles, and a neat idea for used, unique wine bottles.   I filled the bottle with gravel so it won’t tip over easily (we have cats that like to rub up against bottles… or just about anything).

I’m looking forward to sharing this wine with friends – I’ll post how it goes after!

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