Articles from February 2011

Dry Creek Vineyards Chenin Rocks!

So today, Don, one of my wine salesmen, brought by several Dry Creek Vineyard wines.  The ’09 Chenin Blanc, Fume Blanc and the ’07 Cabernet.  The whites were just what I was looking for as we head into spring, and the price made my choice even easier.  I was struck by the thought that many [...]

Meeker Handprint Merlot ’04, Sonoma and dinner with friends

I will be having our friends Tom and Hillarie (who are opera singers extraordinaire) over for a simple yet always tasty meal of roast chicken (free-range, humane certified Murray’s) with roast vegetables and potatoes.  Such a perfect one pan meal.  I use a Joy of Cooking recipe that adds some garlic and rosemary under the [...]

Who You’re Reading

Hi, my name is Melissa and I own The Wine Rack in Greenfield, MA, a full liquor store with an emphasis on fine and fun wine.  I have owned the store for over 5 years, and recently purchased a second store, Jay K’s Liquor and Wine, in Turners Falls, MA.  I am an avid wine [...]